Reduce the wear of concrete mixing plant approach to improve work efficiency


In the course of the use of concrete mixing plant, wear is inevitable, wear will affect the production efficiency of the equipment, so the production process is the most important point is to minimize the wear of concrete mixing plant. First, the concrete mixing plant lubrication, there are many places to lubricate, plus the lubricant method and the amount is not the same, and sometimes also need to replace the new lubricant, but also need regular quantitative fake lubricant, the user must understand these lubrication Technology to ensure that the concrete mixing plant lubrication.

Concrete mixing plant is easier to wear parts of the vibrating screen, stirring blades, surface, mixing cylinder, how to reduce the wear and tear of these places? Vibrating screen wear and tear the key in the vibration bearing, the user must choose high-quality bearings, lubrication device to be reasonable, the user must always lubricate the bearings; stirring blades need to stir the concrete, so the general wear is more serious, which requires users When the material is added, please try to avoid the large pieces of hard objects or wire and other objects method stirring cylinder, and often on the mixing blade maintenance; concrete mixing plant surface wear may be due to microseismic, sliding, shock, abrasions, rust, etc. It is necessary for the user to pay attention to the use of, to avoid the collision, and keep the surface clean and found rusty to be promptly treated; mixing tube is often wear and tear, which requires the user after the end of the work immediately clean up the mixing tube to prevent concrete in the mixing cylinder solidification.

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