The regulation of using concrete mixing plant


The use of concrete mixing plant must be strictly abide by the "construction machinery use safety technical regulations", before use must carefully check the power equipment, work agencies and supporting the use of lifting, transport pouring equipment.
Mixing and feeding of the concrete mixing plant: The mixer must be loaded without load and be fed during operation, otherwise the machine will be damaged due to excessive starting torque. Mixer mixing concrete, must be in accordance with the provisions of the ratio of ingredients and water to calculate the amount of feed, should be measured in advance the thickness of coarse aggregate moisture, and the theoretical mix ratio converted into construction mix, and then according to the construction mix and mixer discharge The capacity of each component to be added is calculated. The calculated value of the feed shall be tested and, once determined, shall be strictly enforced. The maximum aggregate size should meet the specified requirements. The forced mixing station shall be more stringent to the maximum aggregate size. If the added material changes or due to rain, snow and other causes of humidity changes, should be re-measured, recalculate and determine the amount of feed. Important concrete structures, toll ratio and water-cement ratio should be checked every 4 hours.
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