Advantages of Concrete Mixing Plant Exist


Now there are some construction of the concrete used to transport mainly by trolley, crane. According to statistics, generally about 4,000 square meters of dormitory, the use of ladder-type concrete mixer, about to save a well sub-frame and hoist, and this is a full set of equipment, compact structure, saving the area, greatly enhance the transport path.
The advantages of the mixer are obvious:
1, shorten the duration, improve efficiency.
2, cost savings, reduce costs.
3, to improve building quality.
4, to meet the special construction needs.
5, to ease the construction market labor shortage.
At present, the domestic construction market has emerged labor shortage. With the improvement of the overall education of the people, construction workers, especially skilled workers show a decreasing trend. On the one hand, older workers with a slightly older age are gradually withdrawing from the mortar construction work with the decline of physical strength. On the other hand, a new generation of construction workers who are relatively superior in life is no longer willing to enter the field of labor with large labor intensity and poor working environment. Therefore, fewer and fewer skilled workers, construction quality correspondingly worse, and modern construction and high-quality construction requirements do not match. Concrete mixer can save people manpower and meet people is work requirements.
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