Summary of configuration of concrete mixing plant


Concrete mixing plant is the use of advanced performance automation control system, the simulation technology used in the field of concrete, intelligent control, automatic control, manual control in one, can do observation and statistics mixing plant, floor production process and production, Can be connected to the detection of sand and water content, concrete slump control, and can be used for automatic online temperature compensation, so as to achieve the purpose of sand plus water, can provide remote communication interface in order to transfer the workstation data to the office to achieve real-time read production Process information, easy management and height.
1. Concrete mixing plant with modular structure, modular unit, installation, removal is very convenient.
2. mixing plant mixing master and aggregate to enhance the use of double horizontal axis forced concrete mixer, stirring good quality and high efficiency.
3. Aggregate ingredients using ingredients machine, accurate measurement, high production efficiency.
4. Powder, water, admixtures are measured using electronic scales, high precision ingredients.
5. Water supply system using siphon pump pressure principle, so that water flow speed, spray evenly.
6. Electrical control system using imported components, reliable performance, can be manual, automatic control, easy to operate.
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