Rain measures of concrete mixing plant


1, concrete mixing plant construction site should have flood control, drainage systems and measures, the road should be kept open.
2, the pit, the tank should be a system of drains, and should always check the stability of the concrete mixing plant wall, to avoid earthwork slump.
3, the template brushing release agent, should be covered to prevent the rain washed; if found to be washed by the rain, should be re-brushing, square irrigation water.
4, cement shed and mixing machine shed should always check to prevent leakage.
5, should always measure sand, stone water content, and should be in the mix of water to be deducted.
6, concrete mixing plant rain transport of raw materials and concrete, should be covered.
7, before pouring concrete, the mold should be drained of water.
8, concrete mixing plant open structure and components if the requirements of continuous construction does not leave the construction joints, the general should be shelter shelter. Otherwise it should be prepared enough to cover the rain-proof material (such as sheet, linoleum, etc.), in order to cover in time to prevent rain erosion. If the surface of the component is washed by rain, it should be re-smoothed.
9, slope, road should take anti-slip measures.
10, concrete mixing plant electric machinery and wires, electricians should always check whether the leakage; found leakage, should immediately stop working for repair.
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