Concrete mixing plant host maintenance methods


Concrete mixing plant main console by the mixing drum and its supporting components. Mixing drum is a concrete loading container, which is made of high quality wear-resistant steel plate, in order to automatically loading and unloading concrete, the inner wall of the spiral welded special shape of the blade. Concrete moves along the helical direction of the blade during rotation, and is mixed and agitated during constant lifting and turning movements. In the process of feeding and transporting, the mixing drum rotates forward and the concrete moves inwards along the blades. When the material is discharged, the mixing drum reverses and the concrete is discharged outwards along the blades.
1, concrete mixer should be checked before each use of the project: Check the body is smooth, blade and stirring blade support arm on the connection bolts are solid, on the rack connection bolts are tightened, whether the pump water enough to add, the pipeline Is smooth.
2, concrete mixer should check the items after each use: clean the mixing tube inside and outside, the discharge door, hopper on the ash, and rinse with water, the hopper parked in the transport position, and the brake pin inserted in the hopper No sundries, cut off the power, lock the electrical control box, as appropriate, the lubrication points of the necessary oil, the water supply system should be drained all drained.
3, concrete mixer should check the items every week:
Check the wear and tear of steel wire rope in the show that a little lubricant, wire rope wear to a certain extent, should be replaced, check the gear box oil, oil pump, check the lubrication parts of the situation, the concrete mixing station to the hopper roller bearings and Pulley bearings filled with oil. Water supply device should be kept clean, so as to avoid clogging, the suction valve check cleaning once, the trip switch rocker is loose, if loose should be adjusted, check the blade connection bolts, support arm connection bolts loose as appropriate adjustments, between the blade and the wall Of the maximum gap clearance 5mm and make the necessary tightening, check the contactor contactor case, screw open silt block, check the shaft seal, make the necessary adjustments for repair and replacement.
4, concrete mixer should regularly check the project: hoisting brake to check and make the appropriate adjustments to the pump, check the throttle, whether there is leakage phenomenon, concrete mixing plant to open the gear to check the application of lubricating oil and Adjust the belt tight, check the blades, liner wear and tear, and replace as appropriate.
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