Concrete mixing plant fuel tank fittings fault detection


Today I will tell you about the concrete mixing plant fuel tank accessories, how to troubleshoot if there is failure? Concrete mixing plant in the middle of the tank there is a baffle, the tank of the suction pipe and return pipe separate, so that oil can only be planned Pipeline walking, it is more conducive to the oil cooling, but also to avoid bubbles in the oil. In the side of the tank there is a fuel gauge, can easily view the oil, you can also see the temperature inside the fuel tank, the tank has an air filter above, you can join the filtered hydraulic oil, can be connected with the air, But also to prevent the tank from entering the dust, the bottom of the tank there is a drain plug, you can drain or clean the tank when the remaining oil inside the tank. Liquid level gauge can not only be used to view the height of the oil can also see the emulsion of oil, etc., when working in the concrete mixing plant when the oil level can not be lower than the middle of the scale. It is best not recommended below the level The thick black line at the top of the meter.
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