Concrete mixing plant how to install parts?


Concrete mixing plant main components installed:
(1) mixing the host equipment: the plane under the mixer pad properly padded with hinges to the legs and the host connection, the device is good cement scales, water scales, admixture scales in the future, you can lift, measure and adjust the host chassis, Make it at the level of the situation, the centerline of each leg coincides with the centerline after the anchor bolts can be poured into the reserved pit (or base and pre-buried parts of the welding).
(2) Some other equipments: After the equipment of the main machine and the cement silo is finished, the screw conveyor of the equipment can be hoisted. Before lifting, check the lubrication points for filling the oil and grease. Carry out the empty car operation test and find out the problems in time. The ingredients Machine some of the equipment, according to the request of the basic map in place, small batching machine placed on a solid foundation pier plane, large batching machine begging pouring anchor bolts, the machinery of some equipment after the end of all kinds of equipment inspection Lubricating point Filled lubricants (winter to be replaced in Northeast cold conditions suitable for lubricating oil) or grease, according to the instructions and electrical schematics pleading wiring and empty car operation test.
(3) The ground screw of the cement silo is poured into the foundation reserved pit, and the center line of the cement silo support is adjusted to coincide with the basic center line, and the upper four flanges are adjusted on the same horizontal plane (measurement method: Theodolite or diameter 8-10 Of the transparent plastic hose plus colorful water measurement method), you can choose the concrete pouring. Reserved pits pouring concrete trademark should be higher than the base of concrete used in winter construction, in order to shorten the construction period, the concrete used should be added early antifreeze.
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