Concrete mixing plant suddenly did not turn what is the reason


The concrete mixing plant may suddenly stop rotating during the work process, which will not only affect the quality of the concrete, but also delay the progress of the project and cause greater distress to the user. So suddenly do not turn the concrete mixing station how to do it?
1. Adjust the machine load
If the concrete mixing plant exceeds the normal load, the stirring shaft will rotate slowly. If the load is too large, it will cause the stirring shaft to stop or the mixing shaft to bend. At this time, only the amount of feed is adjusted, excess material is discharged, Stirring shaft rotation load can be.
2. Remove foreign body
When the concrete mixing plant mixing blades or side leaves and the tank wall between the larger foreign body, especially the stones, can also cause mixing shaft stalling, the reason can be stored foreign matter, that is, concrete mixing plant mixing blades or side leaves and Tank wall gap caused by too much. When the side leaves and the inner wall are stuck, there will be sharp and jarring noise before the stirring shaft stops. In this case, stop the machine immediately, manually remove the foreign matters and readjust the blades or side blades of the concrete mixing plant And the gap between the tank wall, if necessary, water can be washed first.
3. Tighten the motor drive belt
Concrete mixing plant motor drive belt too loose can also cause concrete mixing plant mixing shaft rotation slow or stop turning, this is because the motor drive belt is too loose, resulting in transmission of insufficient power. At this point only need to adjust the concrete mixing plant motor drive belt tension can be.
Concrete mixing plant in the course of daily use, users should pay attention to maintenance, problems can be solved in time to solve in a timely manner, not because of a small loss, affecting the progress of the work.
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