Overview of cement concrete mixing plant


Today for everyone to teach basic knowledge of concrete mixing plant, popularization and promotion of basic knowledge of concrete mixing plant is our unshirkable responsibility and obligation, but also in line with the company for every customer serious and responsible purpose.
Use and classification of cement concrete mixing plant
  (1) According to the process layout type is divided into single-and double-order two
Single-step gravel, sand and cement and other materials to upgrade to the mixing station at the top of the storage hopper, and then weighing the ingredients until mixing into the material, are by material weight down to form a vertical production process system. It has high production efficiency, low power consumption, high degree of mechanization and automation, compact layout, small footprint and other characteristics; but its more complex equipment, infrastructure investment. It is often used for large permanent mixing station.
  (2) Two-stage gravel, sand, cement and other materials will be upgraded in two stages. For the first time, the material will be lifted to the hopper. After the ingredients are weighed, the material will be lifted and discharged into the blender for the second time. It has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment, quick construction and so on; however, its mechanization and automation are lower, covering a large area and consuming more power. It is mainly used for small and medium-sized mixing station.
 Cement concrete mixing plant (mixing plant) is used to stir the concrete joint unit, also known as concrete factory. Because of its high degree of mechanization and automation, high productivity, it is often used in large quantities of concrete, construction period is long, the construction of concentrated road pavement and bridge engineering, large and medium-sized water conservancy and electric power engineering, construction and concrete products factory.
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