Conceptual solution analysis of concrete mixing plant


1, the control system is one of the important equipment of concrete mixing plant, relates to the operation efficiency of the mixing plant, so the transformation of the control system can be considered to improve some of the control functions for centralized control, lever scale to electronic scales, improve the control system accuracy.
2, taking into account the conservation of resources, the amount of investment, should be selectively modified in the original equipment structure, such as the addition of the third or fourth bucket, mixing station heightening for the mixer feed, add cement silos and screw machine.
3, the transformation of the original features such as parts: pull shovel renovation, gravel, cement, fly ash, water ingredients delivery and measurement system transformation.
4, in order to rational use and control of production capacity, the original equipment should also be properly modified functions, installation of cement, water, additives weighing, measurement methods transformation.
5, the original mixing equipment re-use transformation, renovation, to further play the effectiveness of the old equipment; old and new equipment or components with collocation, due to the terrain caused by changes in the layout of the equipment layout.
6, of course, should also be based on the user site conditions and the different requirements of existing conditions, on-site design and transformation programs, and clients to discuss counseling.
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