Concrete mixing plant purchase considerations


The concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of 5 main systems, such as stirring mainframe, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system, and other ancillary facilities.
  Optional mixing station should pay attention to the matter:
1. Construction performance of concrete labels; which to choose what kind of mixing host. Such as water conservancy projects must be forced to use mixing console. In addition, should also be based on the type of mixing concrete material batching station and storage silos.
2. The amount of concrete construction tasks and their duration; with these two parameters to choose how big the specifications of the mixing station. The volume of transport vehicles is also an important basis for determining the type of mixing plant.
3. Construction environment and construction object; When choosing to buy concrete mixing plant, the influence of construction object and construction environment shall be fully taken into account so as to ensure smooth construction and construction quality.
4. The quality of the operator; In general, the structure of a small mixing plant is simpler and the control system is simpler. The larger station has a complicated structure and a high degree of automation, so the operator requirements are also high.
5. Preparation options; In general, the manufacturer has a mature product preparation, such as specifications, quantity, variety and so on. You can make your special request when ordering the product. In addition to the purchase of products in addition to refer to the price of different manufacturers, but also pay special attention to the preparation of different manufacturers list. In addition to the above specifications, variety and quantity, the most important is the accessory parts manufacturer.
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