Concrete mixing plant site layout considerations


According to the actual situation at the construction site for more flexible layout. However, before installation, the site should be smooth and intact, and compacted, at the same time by the release of a large sample location (large sample should be retained until after the installation of the equipment), pre-made the basis of the various components of the support, the mixing of silos and powder Concrete supply to the pier system to keep the anchor bolt secondary grouting hole. But at the same time pay attention to the following questions:
1, the installation of equipment to be selected in the open ground, in order to shorten the loader loading cycle. At the same time, but also to ensure that the finished material transport vehicles U-turn convenient, smooth and powerful non-interference.
2, prefabricated foundation, to ensure its flatness and size requirements, so that the installation of a solid device, lap reasonable. Because the quality of foundation will affect the quality of the normal work and use of equipment.
3, according to the size of the site, the stacking of the original material and the configuration of the loader, to decide the feeding unit side of the material.
4, in order to facilitate the loading of the loader, the feeding side of the batching unit should be set on the feeding ramp pier, with the batching unit should be kept free access to a patrol between the access to equipment and operation of the patrol, maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, protective fencing should be erected between the feeding pier and batching unit to avoid the accumulation of material scattered when the loader is feeding, which adversely affects the normal operation of the aggregate conveyor of the concrete mixing plant.
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