Concrete batching plant safety operation guide


1. Blender according to the construction plan position placed in a solid and flat place, with a stand or foot cylinder stability, are not allowed to replace the tire support, the tire removed and kept well, erected rain or insulation shed, shed material to prevent smashing. Hand operation should be set insulation operation desk.
2. Before starting the boot check clutch, brakes and guards, wire rope tracks, pulleys are good, confirm that no problems before starting the mixing.
3. Machine hand post card, post boot, the thought of concentration, adhere to the post, shall not be responsible for their duties; machinery is running, not in the drum with a tool to prevent wounding.
4. Hopper is strictly prohibited to walk under the hopper, hopper pit to be cleaned, you must hang the insurance chain and then clean up.
5. When repairing and cleaning the rotating drum, you must cut off the power supply, prohibit the closing sign on the electric brake box, set up special care to avoid injuries.

6. After the work is completed, the rinse drum waste water should flow into the sedimentation tank, are not allowed to mess around the waste water, off-machine power, lock the gate box.

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