Concrete batching plant how to solve the dust problem


concrete batching plant dust problems should pay attention to the following two points:
 1, the correct design, layout and reasonable selection of dust removal equipment. Put the dust collector directly on the bevel hood. All of the suction pipes are also attached to the bevel hood to provide the space for settlement of the dust blown by the suction pipe, which is useful for reducing the amount of dust directly entering the dust-extractor. Then in the dust collector dust collection hopper to install a lower by the mixing station operating system automatically controlled pneumatic butterfly valve.
2, should carefully check and maintain dust removal equipment. Silicone dust control in addition to dust collector vibrator is very important, and the majority of concrete batching plant customers often do not recognize the importance of until the discovery of poor dust removal, safety relief valve began to take ash, the dust inside the machine stuffed with dust, at this time would like to start the vibrator filter dust on the outside, often too late, simply does not work. Therefore, each shift must check whether the dust collection tube dust, because the non-vertical dust tube is easy to plug. To regularly check the dust of the filter dust, if necessary, to disassemble and clean the filter cleaning.
    Proper and rational design, layout and selection of dust removal equipment, not only to ensure the overall quality of the concrete batching plant, but also reduce the cost of use and maintenance costs are of great significance.
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