How does the concrete batching plant work?


Concrete batching plant equipment is also with the social development and user needs continue to improve and improve, but for the Concrete batching plant equipment ingredients is a more important task. Because the ingredients usually determine the quality of the project and other issues. So, Concrete batching plant equipment ingredients should pay attention to what matters?
About calibration of batching unit of Concrete batching plant. In the course of the batching unit should pay attention to the calibration work. For the same batching machine, different specifications of aggregate, different material door opening has a different calibration factor. Therefore, the calibration factor corresponding to the batcher must be recalibrated when changing the size of the aggregate and adjusting the door opening. Especially at the beginning of use, should pay more attention to the batching machine calibration work.
Concrete batching plant equipment batching unit to maintain the batches of the aggregate specifications consistent. Inconsistent aggregate specifications not only affect the mix gradation, but also seriously affect the performance of the mixture. Therefore, we should strictly strengthen the pile material management to prevent the occurrence of mixed discharge; the same time, loaders should be carefully manipulated to prevent the occurrence of mixed positions.

Concrete batching plant equipment boot, you should press the "boot warning" button to show the alarm, outdoor bell rang several times and make sure there is no danger to re-boot, but also through the loudspeaker be warned. In normal production, occasional emergencies can also be warned in this way. The ratio and moisture content of the stabilized soil mixture produced by the equipment can be determined by sampling and analysis. Based on the analysis results, the dosing machines and the water supply flow rate are adjusted again accurately.

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