Concrete batching plant operating essentials


Stabilized soil mixing station equipment put into normal use before, should be equipped with the equipment and production equipment to adapt to the feeding machine (usually zl50 above specifications or several belt conveyors and used to transport bulk powder cement tanker ) And transport vehicles, and fully equipped with a variety of materials to ensure that equipment can be continuous and efficient work. A variety of materials should be consistent with the "stability of the plant mix the scope of application of materials," the request, at the same time, all kinds of materials should be strict quality management, to avoid damage to equipment accidents. Measured the bulk density of various materials, according to the stability of soil mixing plant equipment total production rate and the ratio of requirements to determine the productivity of a single batching machine. Material door opening and grading belt speed adjustment. According to the calculation result of the productivity of a single batching machine, the opening degree of the material gate of each batching machine and the speed of the grading belt conveyor are correctly adjusted and corresponding calibrations are carried out. The gate opening is used to coarsely adjust the aggregate flow while the feed belt speed is used to fine tune the aggregate flow. Should medium belt speed (motor frequency f at this time is about 25 ~ 40hz) First, adjust the material door opening degree approach to achieve the material flow to the silo set the amount of material, and then adjust the belt speed Method for further fine-tuning. It is not allowed to use the method of drastically reducing the belt speed to meet the requirements of the aggregate rationing when the material door is fully open.

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