Concrete batching plant on the quality of cement requirements


Concrete batching plant cement should meet the following requirements:
1, the technical performance of cement must meet the requirements of the current national standards, in particular, should maintain the homogeneity and stability of the product, chemical composition, fineness, strength levels of various ages, setting time, standard consistency water demand and other indicators can not have Larger fluctuations, especially the intensity value can not ups and downs.
2, Concrete batching plant in the preparation of concrete when the water demand is smaller, better fluidity, and admixture better adaptability; cement grinding not only to control the fineness (specific surface area) but also to control the grading of cement particles and Particle shape.
3, Concrete batching plant mix of varieties of cement mixed to be scientifically and rationally; attention to the choice of gypsum varieties, we should pay attention to the control of cement factory temperature.
4, In the special requirements of concrete, should provide special cement, if there is low alkali requirements to provide low-alkali cement; with low heat requirements, the Concrete batching plant to apply low heat of cement (such as: hot cement, Low thermal slag Portland cement). As the state attaches great importance to the environmental issues of Concrete batching plant, now many manufacturers and users attach great importance to the mixing plant dust pollution.

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