Feasibility Analysis of Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant in Rural Township


With the completion of infrastructure in urban and rural areas in recent years, it will become a new selling point for many mixing plant manufacturers to popularize commodity concrete mixing plants and related equipment to Chinese villages and towns in a certain period of time in the future. Today, Based on the actual situation in our country, we talk about the feasibility of promoting commercial concrete mixing plants in villages and towns from a variety of angles, including production costs, current issues and profits.
1. Policy Background Promote the township market to scientifically use various national standard concrete products produced by commodity concrete mixing stations in line with the requirements of the national new urbanization and beautiful rural construction policies and also ensure the quality of township construction projects.
  (1) New Urbanization In October 2012, the 18th CPC National Congress explicitly proposed the concept of "new urbanization." In December 2012, the Central Economic Work Conference further listed "speeding up the pace of urbanization" as one of the six major tasks for economic work in 2013.
   (2) Beautiful rural construction In April 2013, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development promulgated the "Notice on Carrying out the Demonstration Work of Beautiful and Livable Small Towns and Beautiful Livable Villages" and decided to launch the demonstration project of a beautiful livable town and a beautiful livable village. In July 2013, Xi Jinping further emphasized the importance and requirements of building a beautiful country village during his visit to Dangshan Village, Changgang, an Ezhou pilot for urban-rural integration.
2. Social Benefits According to the actual conditions of township construction, such as promoting various large-scale commercial concrete mixing stations in the economically developed southern towns and townships and promoting various small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants in villages and towns in less developed areas, social benefits can be obtained. According to the 2012 national commodity market sales and market expected demand for the calculation, the use of 1 ton of commercial concrete mixing plant can save 25kg of standard coal, reduce dust emissions 11kg, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 64kg, reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 0.2kg, to achieve comprehensive benefits 48 yuan.
3, township commodity concrete use status quo

The bulk rate in rural areas has been increasing year by year, but there is a big gap with the average bulk rate in the country and a large space for development.、

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