The cost of building a concrete batching plant


      First of all, investing in a concrete mixing plant how much it is an unfixed amount, in particular, the size of the investment amount is mainly determined by the following aspects: ①, the scale of concrete mixing plant, including a few mixing stations, mixing stations Covers the area of the entire concrete mixing plant infrastructure equipment, etc., in this regard, commercial concrete mixing plant than ordinary engineering concrete mixing plant investment costs higher, their own commodity station than the engineering station equipment prices, plus Commodity station supporting equipment, floor space and so on. ②, pre-planned concrete mixing plant production capacity. The expected production capacity of the mixing plant is different, the amount of investment needs to be different. Such as the pre-planned production capacity is relatively large, which requires the number of equipment in the concrete mixing plant, raw material demand to meet certain requirements, and these will increase the entire project capital investment. ③, the regional differences are also different from the concrete mixing plant into one of the different factors. The main impact of different regional differences is that the entire mixing plant covers an area and staff salaries and expenditures of these two items, the greater the regional differences, the requirements of the funds are also more different.
      Of course, some other expenses may be included in actual investment and production, but these expenses are not enough in comparison with the above mentioned expenses. As for the possibility of loans, under normal circumstances are able to go to some local banks for loans, except for some areas with special provisions.

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