Decide the quality of concrete batching plant several points


Here to teach you how to identify the quality of concrete batching plant equipment is divided into the following points:

1. If the concrete mixer is a self-falling mixer barrel, its discharge buckle does not run radially beyond 1% of the diameter of the inlet, but also check the quality of the rebar mesh on the mixer and the screen and screen Well-sized holes and check the accuracy of the screen equipment;

2 transmission system work to be active, whether there is abnormal noise;

3. Belt conveyors, bucket lift machine and cantilevered drag and other drives to be smooth, work to be active, the brake can be high, there is no abnormal noise, there is no card chain;

4. The measurement system is also very important to see, to view the measurement system of activity and accuracy;

5 to reduce the machine to raise the temperature should also be careful to reach the temperature on the qualified book;

6. Measurement hopper out of the material should be smooth, can not have the appearance of plot, flash and other appearances;

7. Safety valve can not leak;

8. Check the quality of cement tank is qualified;

9. Supporting the line equipment to be reasonable, equipment to be accurate.

The above is the Department of Mechanical Machinery introduced to you to see the quality of concrete batching plant several points, I hope for your help, if you have concrete batching plant equipment needs, please call our toll free number.
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