Concrete batching plant in the run-in period of maintenance methods


concrete batching plant in the run-in period what to do maintenance?
First of all, the operator should be familiar with the use of mixing plant as soon as possible, the manual of each device should be carefully studied, every precaution should be remembered, and the specification and the actual structure of the equipment should be combined to better understand Equipment structure and application.
Second, pay attention to adjust the accuracy of various instruments, the tightness of each screw, and the hermeticity of the equipment when starting to use the equipment. These are the objects of our focus checks to be more efficient when the equipment is working. Of course, there is one thing that must be done, but also relates to the concrete mixing plant service life is that the lubricity of the lubrication. To paint a good lubricant before, to prevent excessive friction on the concrete mixing plant damage.
Finally, we can not ignore the cleaning, cleaning should be carried out in a timely manner after each use to keep all parts clean. In the run-in period of concrete batching plant run well before they can work more efficiently and longer life expectancy.
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