Concrete mixing plant water supply system introduction


Forced mixer water supply system is a motor, pumps, throttle and piping and other components. Start the pump, you can inject into the mixing tube, water flow through the gate valve conditioning, the total amount of water by the time relay control. When the button to "time control" position, the mixer pump will work according to the set time and take the initiative to stop, when the button to "manual" position, the water can be connected. After the motor is energized, the pump can directly inject the water into the mixing drum and adjust the water flow through the regulating valve. Mandatory mixer stirring the amount of water required, through the electrical box time relay directly control the pump motor running time to achieve. Users can choose the type of pump time flow diagram to determine the choice of water supply time, select the required amount of time required for water. Mandatory mixer water pump start, to the prescribed time, forced mixer water circuit automatically cut off. Click the button on the left, push the flush pipe, connected to the water pipe, you can wash the concrete mixing plant appearance. Pull out the flush tube and resume normal supply.
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