Concrete mixing plant disassembly steps


Concrete mixing plant demolition of the operating conditions: First of all to check all the safety tools are perfect, and then clean the construction site, leaving enough space. And then clean up the batching machine, the residue in the cement silo, pay attention to cut off auxiliary facilities such as water, gas and electricity when cleaning, and remove the electrical, water, admixture, compressed air and other pipelines. Then start to dismantle the mixing station step by step, as follows:
1, remove the ingredients layer, mixing layer panel.
2, remove the feed layer roof, roof truss and other overall structure.
3, remove the screw conveyor and tape machine head mechanical parts and tape truss (before demolition should be above the roller and other mechanical parts removed).
4, remove the ingredients layer all the machinery and equipment and ingredients layer platform.
5, remove the rack, control room and control room bracket.
6, remove the hopper and mixer and mixing layer platform corresponding stairs.
7, dismantle the mixing layer platform and the following stairs, columns and so on.
8, according to the removal of the material warehouse and the following mechanical equipment.
9, remove the powder tank and all the above facilities, and then remove the powder tank under the rack.

After the clean-up described above, check these devices to ensure the integrity and integrity of the equipment, demolition must be the presence of professional staff.

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