Concrete mixing plant mixing shaft failure solution


The dual-shaft compulsory concrete mixer is now the most common type of commercial concrete mixing plant in all over the country. Because of its compulsory mixing characteristics, it has a very high mixing efficiency and is sought after by all major commercial concrete mixing mechanisms. The compulsory mixer is the core of the mixing plant. The mixing shaft is the core of the mixer. Through the rotation of the stirring shaft, the mixer arm on the shaft is driven. The material is forced to be stirred by the stirring blades at the end of the mixing arm. If the mixing shaft fails, the mixer or even the entire mixing station will not be able to continue working.
Stirring shaft is generally not a problem, if the failure occurs, you need to analyze the reasons according to the specific phenomenon, and then targeted solution. If the mixing shaft rotation speed is not normal, and set the speed is inconsistent, it may be damaged bearings, internal ball off, this time must be replaced bearings. It is also possible that there is the phenomenon of poor contact between the shaft of the semi-axle and the power supply at the week-end and the need of timely inspection and maintenance.

If the stirring shaft stalls and there is no reaction after starting the machine, it may be a line fault, the motor is faulty or the stirring shaft is blocked by debris and can not be rotated. The structure design of the mixer is not complicated, and only careful examination is needed Quickly find where the problem is and resolve it easily.

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