Impact of concrete mixing plant recovery


What are the impact of concrete mixing plant recycling? Today to carry out a detailed introduction:
1, Cement: Cement must be sampled and inspected according to the regulations. Each batch of cement requires timely testing of the standard consistency and temperature, forbidding the warehouses to have doubts on the quality and continue to carry out other indicators (such as stability) Test, the test failed cement is not allowed to enter. It is strictly forbidden to use the non-homogenized (digested) hot cement directly in the project, trace the used cement, and fill in the "Traceability Table for Use of Cement".
2, Aggregate: coarse and coarse aggregate approach must be carried out according to the provisions of sampling inspection, inspection before use. The coarse aggregate should be graded rationale, good grain shape, uniform texture of solid gravel or broken pebbles, various indicators of coarse aggregate should meet the requirements of relevant standards and regulations; control of mud content and lump content, timely testing, the Unfair inspection of unloading is prohibited.
3, admixture: admixtures should be stepped in inspection, testing, check whether the appendix in the obvious position on the packaging indicate the following: product name, model, net content or volume (including content or concentration), the manufacturer Name, date of manufacture and the serial number of the product; check whether the content indicated by the packaging matches the product specification and certificate provided by the manufacturer; whether the liquid additive precipitates sediments and expires or not.

4, mineral admixture: According to the requirements of the relevant standards for testing. Laboratory should keep abreast of mineral admixture quality changes, mineral admixtures into the scene, we must carry out water ratio, loss on ignition, fineness testing, after passing the inspection of the product before storage; and pay attention to the preliminary test The results are compared to determine the quality of the fluctuations, to ensure project quality. In the process of using mineral admixture, the relative stability of the admixture should be ensured as much as possible. Should communicate with the material department to ensure that for the same type of external admixture, a mixing station should try to use the same manufacturer is products. When unable to meet the requirements, the test department should promptly adjust the mix, non-mineral admixture mixed.

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