Concrete Mixing Plant Conveyor Leakage Handling Methods


While working on a concrete mixing plant, there will be a situation where the concrete mixing plant leaks from the transporter. Many concrete mixing plant operators are not particularly aware of, therefore, in the event of failure do not know how to carry out maintenance.
concrete mixing plant conveyor bearing gland screw control oil leakage or bearing cap and gear reducer housing surface with oil leakage; bearing gland screws are not fastened or gasket damage. The oil return groove in the bearing and gear unit is blocked; the felt and rubber ring are damaged or aged, and the seal fails. Reducer oil filling empty cover and reducer shell surface with oil leakage; oil hole cover screws are not fastened; gasket damage; oil hole cover deformation. Reducer shell counterparts and the plane at the oil leakage; reducer shell counterpart plane deformation; mating bolt is not tight and sealing rubber ring failure failure.
concrete mixing plant conveyor gearbox oil spill; reducer shell rupture damage. concrete mixing plant Conveyor Conveyor Reducer Oil Leakage Treatment.
concrete mixing plant conveyor to clear the reducer within the oil return groove, the shaft in the installation of gear oil pan; replacement felt and sealing apron. Tighten the bearing gland screws and replace damaged shims. Opposite the gearbox housing, use oil-resistant rubber pads, tighten the mating bolts and replace the sealant. Tighten the oil hole screws, replace the damaged gasket, flat or replace the oil hole cover. Repair gearbox damage, serious damage, replace the gearbox.
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