Solution to the Rolling Problem of Belt Conveyor in Concrete Mixing Plant


Belt conveyor is the core of loading, powerful decision of concrete mixing plant output. However, a lot of concrete mixing plant belt conveyor in the process of loading, the stones fall down, resulting in inefficient feeding, mixing plant to reduce the overall yield. How to solve the problem of belt down roll?
First of all, start with the batching machine feeding order. Doser inside the sand, gravel in the next material directly adjust the order, the sand cushion, stone load sand above, so that when falling to the belt machine, no matter how much the slope of the belt conveyor, will not decline.
Second, the belt speed control. Concrete mixing plant belt machine down with the motor speed has a key role, high speed easily lead to belt trembling, the formation of dustpan quiver-like, shake the material directly, the feeding efficiency is low.
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