Analysis and solution of main engine failure in concrete mixing plant


Concrete mixing plant mainframe if there is only a star start, no angular operation or no star start Only angular operation may be: contactor interlock normally closed contact open, check the time relay delay to open the trip contact should be disconnected If you do not open the relay delay time to open the broken contacts there is a problem; time relay damage; wiring error. Time delay relay closed dynamic contact should be closed, if not closed; Delay closed dynamic contact and intermediate relay, AC contactor bad; Delay closed dynamic contact there is a problem. If the delay closed dynamic contact closure, AC contactor KM1 coil power outages, the motor wiring problems; AC contactor KM2 coil shall not be energized; delayed closing dynamic contact with AC contactor KM2 bad contact; AC contactor KM2 often Closed contacts and AC contactor coil wiring is poor; AC contactor coil N wire is not connected.

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