Modern concrete mixing plant are environmentally friendly


Concrete mixing plant is divided into JS concrete mixing plant, biaxial horizontal concrete mixing plant, forced horizontal mixer, drum mixer and so on. Which are listed as environmentally friendly models are: concrete mixing plant, JS500 concrete mixing plant, JS750 concrete mixing plant, JS1000 concrete mixing plant.

Concrete mixing plant is a new type of environmentally friendly mixer, this model with a blade shaft rotating in the cylinder, the concrete can not touch the shaft in the mixing process, so that in addition to the core parts of the mixer wear and tear, must extend the life of the mixer This concrete mixing plant simple operation, easy maintenance, is my latest company to introduce Germany Peng-technology made. With a small noise, stir, high yield, low price and many other advantages. Type concrete mixing plant is an environmentally friendly host of HZS50 concrete mixing plant and an environmentally friendly host of HZS60 concrete mixing plant. The machine has the performance of a specific forced-type concrete, including planetary mixing mechanism, eddy current mixing mechanism, stirring shaft, pneumatic discharge mechanism, discharge port, mixing rack and base and other parts. With convenient water control, mixing intensity, power consumption, power, environmental effects and so on.

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