Concrete mixing plant weighing and mixing methods classification


In order to meet the market demand, improve the product line, to meet the needs of small construction and laboratory work, designed the concrete mixing plant.
The design of small concrete mixing plant mainly focuses on the working principle of vertical shaft concrete mixing plant and the design of mixing system of mixer. According to the design requirements, the preliminary setting of the mixing system of concrete mixing plant is carried out, and the main components of the mixing system are designed and calculated. The main design conclusions are as follows:
1, the structure of the mixer program analysis and overall design
concrete mixing plant structure is composed of rack, mixing device, the main transmission system. Rack is the supporting part of the entire equipment, welded by the channel and steel pipe. The stirring device is composed of a stirring cylinder, a stirring shaft and a stirring blade. The stirring blade is fixed on the stirring arm and integrates with the stirring shaft main body. The gap between the stirring blade and the stirring cylinder can be adjusted by a small amount. Transmission system consists of motor, reducer, belt drive, chain drive formed.
2, mixing device design
The stirring device is a shovel blade mounted on the sleeve. The blades rotate with the rotation of the shaft to stir the material in the barrel. The material is evenly mixed and the stirring arm extends upwards, which can stir the material above.
3, transmission system design

The transmission system is driven by a V-belt drive and a chain drive. The motor output speed is transmitted to the decelerator through the V-belt drive. The decelerator transmits the rotational speed to the main shaft of the mixer through the chain drive, and the main shaft drives the sleeve to rotate so that the stirring vane rotates to complete the stirring work.

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