Six considerations for the maintenance of concrete mixing plant


The use of concrete mixing plant gradually become widespread, and its maintenance is a matter of great concern to people, here we will detail about the concrete mixing plant maintenance matters:
1. concrete mixing plant host and discharge hopper should be cleaned once every four hours to prevent residual concrete consolidation, impede the normal operation
2 promptly clear the material within the hopper, the sensor back to normal zero
3. Check the lubrication points of each lubricating oil is sufficient, the gas system in the gas system should maintain adequate oil
4. Check the motor, electrical overheating, abnormal noise, the instrument indicates the normal, the signal system is intact
5. Often check, adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and electromagnetic valve, so that the opening and closing meet the requirements

6. Regularly check the various systems, such as leakage of gray, leakage, leakage and leakage phenomena to be promptly addressed

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