Introduction of Concrete Mixing Plant Electronic Control System


Concrete mixing plant has a standard configuration and simple configuration of different grades, the difference between different configurations, mainly lies in the different control systems. Electronic control system is also an important configuration to determine the grade of concrete mixing plant. Expand below for details.
Control system is the central nervous system of concrete mixing station, you can control several independent ingredients line, the mixing station to implement long-distance centralized control operation, and its configuration is divided into three grades, namely:
(1) Distributed control system: This control form is widely used in the design of early mixing plant. The core of the control system is a programmable logic controller. The upper computer is only used for printing management reports. The functions and functions of the computer are not obvious. With the wide application of commercial concrete, the functional requirements of the concrete mixing plant are more and more complicated, and the application of this control mode is very difficult.
(2) centralized semi-automatic control system: This form of control will focus on computer control and management functions in a computer, the task is heavy, and the production process of statistics on the statements can not be synchronized, can not be statistical data, measurement aspects Human factors interfere too much. For example: Metrology control program preparation, signal amplifier and A / D board accuracy, will affect the measurement accuracy.
(3) centralized automatic control: This form is to solve the measurement of human factors interference. Using a dedicated ingredient control instrumentation, and the production control and management functions are divided into two computers, without disturbing each other, production control and reporting statistics simultaneously, and management of computers can also be used as a production backup machine, provides a higher level Computer network interface.
Generally speaking, the semi-automatic configuration is mostly the engineering mixing plant, the common models are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75, JS750 and so on, Its configuration grade slightly lower than fully automatic configuration of commercial concrete mixing plant.
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