Discharge of wastewater from concrete mixing plant


Discharge of wastewater treatment plant mixing requirements to explain:
1. Wastewater, waste oil and domestic sewage generated from the construction machinery and equipment of concrete mixing plant shall not be directly discharged into rivers, lakes or other waters, nor shall they be discharged into the land near drinking water. According to the concrete mixing plant site conditions reasonable layout, built wastewater sedimentation tank and car wash pool, draining drainage system, set clear marked; set a reasonable three above the filter tank of sewage discharge. Sewage discharge plan to be planned and designed to set the multi-stage sedimentation tank through sedimentation filtration, to meet emission standards. Restroom waste water enters the septic tank confinement process through centralized independent pipelines.
2, in the concrete mixing plant living area and office production area set up a large-scale accumulation of garbage pools, all kinds of garbage will be stored centrally. Garbage disposal ponds generally use brick structure, the volume of not less than 4m × 3m × 1.5m, with the local environmental protection department, the construction waste left behind by the disposal of the local sanitation department. The ground should be regularly sprinkled water, in case of summer and other hot weather should be sprinkled water every day, dust cooling, the maximum coverage of the dust cover.
3, each concrete mixing plant concrete mixing operation is completed, it is necessary to timely cleaning machines, clean up the site, clean and tidy the venue.
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