Difference between concrete mixing plant and mixing floor


1, storage yard: Mainly used for storage of sand, aggregate and other materials used in production. Large yard more convenient for cost control, better promote the quality control of production and sales. The material yard contains the hopper, and the gravel aggregate is uniformly and sequentially transported to the upper hopper in the concrete mixing tower. With the current stringent environmental requirements. Closed yard has also become the main trend today. (Powder storage is generally stored separately in cement tanks and fly ash tanks, and other liquids such as admixtures are also stored separately.) 2. Ingredients: The batching machine includes a hopper and a weighing device. Is to ensure concrete in accordance with a certain proportion of sand and gravel and other materials, mainly by a variety of weighing devices, but also the use of volume measurement of flow measurement equipment; precise batching room to ensure the quality of concrete to enhance the most basic standards, which is A very important part. 3, mixing layer: This layer is mainly mixer-based mixing production equipment. High-quality mixing console and reasonable mixing feeding rules can effectively ensure the concrete production efficiency and reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon such as the suspension axis. Greatly enhance production efficiency. Stirring qualified concrete can be transported directly to the site to use. 4, control system: With the progress of science and technology. Control system is more and more intelligent, mainly to control all parts of the coordination, to complete a certain production process. To ensure efficient production of concrete, coordination of various auxiliary production equipment and reasonable production tasks.

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