The reason of environmentally friendly concrete mixing plant will not cause pollution


In our army of concrete mixing plant equipment manufacturers, the production of the same type of mixing plant equipment manufacturers hundreds of thousands of households, but in the green concrete mixing plant this new product, we can say is a leader. After years of continuous optimization and improvement, our equipment not only achieves the "four highs" standard of high efficiency, high precision, high environmental protection and high energy saving, but also realizes low failure, low energy consumption and low axle production.
Regarding the noise, our mechanical main station mainly uses the concrete structure, which effectively prevents noise leakage. And transmission parts are used in the package, once again put an end to the noise in the station, the external package effectively avoids the noise in the production process of transmission, the true sense of the noise to achieve environmental protection.

Focus on our handling of dust pollution. The main use of the entire package structure, to eliminate dust spill, coupled with the station to install a multi-directional pulse dust removal device, and focus on dust removal device, the dust generated to a minimum, in the key parts of dust reuse package, pulse dust, water spray Shi and so on, to achieve the goal of dust-free production of the entire station.

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