What are the work of the planetary concrete mixer


Theplanetary concrete mixer control system relative to the human body is brain, by him to control all the limbs and action. If the system has a problem, the entire planetary concrete mixer can not work, in this talented sky to tell you how to repair the problem.

In recent years,planetary concrete mixer,especially long-term in the field of engineering planetary concrete mixer due to lightning caused by damage to the control system, and even the whole system paralyzed, the entire plant to stop working things have occurred, seriously affected the project The progress of the. Therefore, the serious design of the rainproof system has become a concrete mixer station designers can not avoid an important issue.

In addition, other factors that affect the performance of theplanetary concrete mixer are:
(1) the number of cement slurry number, large activity. Too much, flow pulp; too little to collapse.
(2) Consistency of cement slurry The consistency of cement slurry is determined by the water-cement ratio. Water-cement ratio is small, cement slurry thick, small activity, cohesive, good water retention. Too small, can not guarantee the construction of dense; too large, reduce the strength and durability.
(3) sand rate of cement must be, the sand rate is too large, dry thick, small activity; too small, the loss of cement slurry, segregation.
(4) cement varieties and aggregate properties of cement fine, good activity. Pebble concrete is better than gravel concrete.
(5) temperature, time, admixture.

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