The new warehouse top pulse dust collector,this product is for the domestic dust recovery characteristics of the use of research and development of a new ganeration of products,the main role is to dust produced in production,transportation,storage of powder material in the process of filtering completely recycled,feasible solution to the problem of pollution of dust and save the precious resource architecture.
Product features:high purification efficiency,gas treatment capacity,stable performance,convenient operation,long life of filter bag,repair workload is small,is suitable for use in machinery,rubber,flour,chemical,pharmaceutical,mining,building materials,and other units of carbon.

Technical data

Model MCL25 MCL30 MCL48 MCL64
filtering area() 18 24 36 48
dust content(g/m3) 15 15 15 15
velocity of filtering(m/min) 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4
Filter air volume(m3/h) 2160-4320 2160-4320 4320-8640 5400-10800
Resistance(H2omm) 120-150 120-150 120-150 120-150
Weight(kg) 350 500 620 760
Dimension(mm) 1100x1100x1920 1270x1100x2665 1600x1300x2665 1600x1600x2665

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