Long distance horizontal bending belt conveyor

Large inclination belt conveyor is widely uses in mine, metallurgy, building material, chemical industry, power, grain, and other industries to convey bulk material. Due to the friction between material and rubber belt, large inclination will cause material sliding from the belt, so the Max. inclination for common belt conveyor can only reach 18~20°. But the inclination can reach 30~60°in special designed belt conveyor ( for example: deep though conveyor, walled conveyor), even vertical elevation can be realized ( for example: waved conveyor, press belt conveyor, pocket conveyor ).

The special design has deep though, walled, and vertical elevated type design of belt conveyor. (waved conveyor, press belt conveyor, pocket conveyor ).

Our company contributed in research of large inclination belt conveyor from 1970’s, and continuously supplied reliable running large inclination belt conveyor during last several decades.

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