Uncover the layout of the large inclination belt conveyor


Large inclination belt conveyor structure is simple, easy maintenance, low cost, versatility and other advantages, which we introduced in the previous knowledge, then it can not be separated from the equipment layout:
1, tilt section
Regardless of the upper horizontal section is low, Chinese, or high-type middle frame legs, large inclination belt conveyor tilt section are used low-type middle frame legs. When the conveyor inclination angle ¦Â ¨R 45 ¡ã, it is recommended to use ¢ò type low-type middle frame legs.
2, the next horizontal section
The lower horizontal section uses a low-type middle frame.
3, on the horizontal section
In order to meet the requirements of different discharge height, the head frame is divided into lower head frame (head height H0 = 1000mm), Chinese head frame (head height H0 = 1100 ~ 1500mm) and high head frame (head height H0 = 1600 ~ 2000 mm). (With head height H0 = 1000mm), the Chinese convex arc section frame and the middle middle frame leg are equipped with low-type convex arc section frame and low type middle frame leg (with head height H0 = 1000mm) (With head height H0 = 1100 ~ 1500mm), high-convex convex section frame and high-type middle frame legs (with head height H0 = 1600 ~ 2000mm).
large inclination belt conveyor layout, more clever highlights the superior performance of the device, so that more users to rest assured that the choice, and then use it.
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