Long-Distance Off-Road Belt Conveyor

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Our long-distance and large-capacity belt conveyors are universal series product, which are widely used for conveying all kinds of bulk materials and complete products with bulk density 500~2500kg/m³ and working temperature -20℃~+40℃ in the industries of metallurgy, coal, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical, light industry, grains and machinery etc.

For special working environment requirements for heat-resistance, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, explosion-resistant and flame retardant, our company can provide special rubber conveyor belts and adopt corresponding protective measures to meet customer needs.

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Belt conveyors are particularly successful in transporting bulk materials such as mineral ores, stone, sand and grain at high capacities and over long distances. A belt conveyor consists of an endless belt stretched between two drums. Belt conveyors are usually the most suitable solution when stacking material needs to be transported over long distances without stopping. They are used horizontally or with a low slope. The material to be transported can be sand or granule.

It can be produced in 600, 800, 1000 and 1200 mm width and desired length. There are two types of tape chassis: NPU chassis or Sigma Twist Sheet Chassis. Selection can be made according to the place of use.


1. Large conveying capacity. The material can be conveyed continuously without interruption, and it can also be loaded and unloaded without stopping the machine during the conveying process. The conveying will not be interrupted due to empty load.
2. Simple structure. The belt conveyor is also set up within a certain line range and transports materials. It has a single action, compact structure, light weight, and low cost. Due to uniform loading and stable speed, the power consumed during the working process does not change much.
3. Long conveying distance. Not only is the conveying length of a single machine increasing day by day, but also a long-distance conveying line can be overlapped by multiple single machines in series.

Basic parameter

Basic parameter
Belt conveyor model TD75/DT II/DT II A Belt Width(mm) 400~2400
Material Name Minerals,Grains etc Belt Length(m) Upon the site requirements
Bulk density(t/m³) 0.5~2.5 Conveying speed(m/s) 0.8~6.5
Max.lump(mm) Upon the customer’s data Horizontal conveying distance(m) Upon the site requirements
Angle of response Upon the materials’feature Lifting height(m) Upon the site requirements
Working condition Upon the site environment Conveying angle Upon the site requirements
Operating condition Dry status Maximum tension Upon the actual rubber belt
Conveying capacity(t/h) Upon the customer’s requirements Driving device form Single drive or multi-drive
Conveyor belt section form Trough type or flat type Motor model Famous brands
Conveyor belt specification Canvas belt,steel belt,cord belt Motor power Upon the actual rubber belt




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