Talented Sky | Donation Warms Hearts and Helps Students Realize Dreams

Touching the heart of March, boosting rural revitalization. In the chilly early spring, our employee representatives were invited by the Jiatie Town Government to come to the Jiatie Town Central School in Puge County, Liangshan Prefecture to contribute to the dreams of Liangshan students.

Since our inception, we have been adhering to the philosophy of prioritizing education, and we have been paying attention to the growth of children in mountainous areas. We firmly believe that education thrives leads all industries prosperity. On March 10, Liangshan Charity Federation charity scholarship donation ceremony was held in Jiatie Town Central School. At the ceremony, our representative extended his sincere greetings to the children and encouraged them to cherish their youth, turn society’s love into the motivation for learning, be determined and ambitious since childhood, be proactive, strive for self-improvement, repay the society and the country with our outstanding achievements. The principal of Jiatie Town Central School expressed gratitude to our arrival on behalf of the school and students. He said that this donation activity is not only material sponsorship, but also spiritual strength. The children will definitely keep this gratitude in mind, and use excellent results to repay the society, and strive for the great Chinese dream.

Little streams add up to a river and small loves come together to form a great hope.

This donation event brought warmth to the children in Liangshan Prefecture, and demonstrated our company’s perseverance and dedication in the face of difficulties, In times of hardship and adversity, we stand strong and provide mutual support, our courage to move forward fearlessly, go all-in, never give up will inspire and illuminate the dreams of more people.


Post time: Nov-30-2023