Use and maintenance of belt conveyor in winter

Regardless of the high temperature in summer or the low temperature in winter, belt conveyors need to be maintained, especially in the north, where winter is the key season for using belt conveyors. Due to the drop in temperature and the invasion of rain and snow, many belt conveyors are placed outdoors, which will accelerate the consumption of the service life of the belt conveyor and reduce the use effect. So how should we maintain the belt conveyor in winter?

1. Maintenance of driving equipment

As we all know, motors and drivers are the key parts of conveying equipment. Especially when used in winter, the motor surface should be protected first. Although its damage rate is usually low, under load or overload conditions, damage will still occur when exposed to low temperatures, so regular maintenance is required.

2. Overall anti-rust treatment of equipment

Belt conveyors are painted when they leave the factory, but most of them are rusty after use. Don’t mistake it for a problem with the paint surface, but pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment in winter especially. Pay attention to blocking and covering, it will also shorten the life span.

3. Replacement and maintenance of accessories

On the belt conveyor, the rollers with the highest utilization rate are the rollers. Frequent attention should be paid to checking the wear of the rollers and the usage of the bearings. Broken parts should be repaired or replaced in time.



Post time: Feb-29-2024