Difficulties still increase the value of machinery industry is expected to increase by 5.5%


Since 2015, the growth rate of machinery industry growth rate is always lower than the national industrial average, which is rare in many years. 11 months before last year, the cumulative growth rate of machinery industry in the auto industry rebounded, driven by an increase of 5.3%, still lower than the national industry 0.8 percentage points. In the China Machinery Industry Federation of Experts Committee recently held in the economic analysis of the industry at the meeting, the China Machinery Industry Federation, a special adviser Cai Weici said that in 2014 has been a substantial decline on the basis of the growth rate of machinery industry in 2015 continued to decline, the grim situation beyond expectation.
Judging 2016 industry trends, Cai Weici expected growth rate in general close to 2015. It is expected that the value added of the machinery industry will increase by 5.5% and the profit increase by 3.5% over the same period of last year. Revenue from main operations is expected to grow by 3.1% in 2015 and 4% to 4.5% in 2016. Cai Weici also said that; due to the base in 2015 has been very low, 2016 year-on-year growth rate becomes smaller. Therefore, in the same growth situation, the pain of the enterprise may be different.
Lack of demand is the biggest problem
From the mechanical industry economic operation data, more than half of the industry in 2015 the output of major products fell year on year, by the impact of insufficient demand, product price index continued to slump. In the statistics of the 142 major mechanical product prices, the cumulative price fell by 103 products, accounting for up to 72.25%.
From the foreign trade situation, the import and export of machinery industry both decline. As the world economy into the depth of the adjustment phase, a significant decline in global demand, the machinery industry also showed slowdown downward trend. In the first 11 months of last year, the total import and export volume of machinery industry was US $ 604.651 billion, down by 8.08% year on year, of which imports were US $ 251,924 million, down 14.2% year on year, and exports were US $ 352.224 billion, down 3.15% year on year. decline. As imports decline faster than exports, the annual trade surplus is expected to be around 110 billion US dollars.
Analysis of the current machinery industry in the economic operation of the main contradictions and difficulties in the machine associated with the relevant person in charge said that the lack of market demand is the biggest problem facing the current machinery industry, high-end supply capacity, low capacity in the low-end, vicious competition intensified, The cost of rigid rise, the operating environment tends to grim.
First, the lack of market demand, the cumulative decline in orders. According to the focus of the machinery industry to contact the enterprise survey shows that business orders continued to slump, from January to June last year, the focus of the machinery industry enterprises linked to orders fell 8.14%, 1 to 11 months down 4.68%, slightly narrowed, but demand is not Wang is still one of the major challenges facing the machinery industry.
Second, product prices continued to decline, vicious competition intensified. First, due to weak demand, lack of orders, user prices and low prices of production enterprises competitive phenomenon is very common, involving products that include both small base products also include large complete sets of equipment. Second, in order to grab orders, some enterprises in the bidding process, malicious low-cost competition, false commitment, not honest business phenomenon is more prominent. This phenomenon is not only in the domestic market frequency, and there is a further spread in foreign markets trend.
Third, the general rise in costs, business pressure on the larger. Last year, 11 months before the machinery industry statistics show that the cost increase faster than the main business income and profit growth. Machinery industry to achieve the main business income of 20.59 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.32%, the main business cost 17.54 trillion yuan, an increase of 3.67%, the main business cost growth faster than the income and profits 0.35,1.19 percentage points.
Fourth, product inventories increased, accounts receivable arrears serious. Affected by the lack of market demand, corporate accounts receivable continued high. 11 months before the first year of the machinery industry accounts receivable 3.78 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.19%, although the increase over the same period last year, but the absolute amount is still large.
Industry differentiation becomes more obvious
Cai Weici said that from the perspective of industry operation in 2015, compared with the manufacturing and industrial growth rate, the machinery industry; Compared with the previous year, the machinery industry in 2015, a significant decline, but no cliff-like decline, because the automotive, electrical industry can stabilize about 5% increase.
From the operational characteristics of the industry, Cai Weici said that there are structural factors, although the industry is declining, but the agricultural machinery, passenger cars and other consumer relations were relatively close to the industry downturn is relatively small. In addition, compared with the construction machinery industry, parts industry is relatively stable. And supporting the host for the parts industry is relatively good. And services in the investment, key projects in the industry decline faster.
Analysis of industry trends in 2016, Cai Weici said that construction machinery, machine tools and other industries after 3 to 4 years after the decline, has shown signs of narrowing the decline. Coupled with the renminbi after two sharp devaluation, the machinery industry exports is good. Expected export earnings will be negative.

For the import and export trend, China Machinery Industry Federation Committee of Experts Committee Zheng Guowei said that in recent years, the machinery industry import and export structure has improved, the trade structure in the upgrade. He expects 2016 industry import and export has two positive factors: First, the exchange rate decline, the devaluation of the yuan, the industry is a big business. Second, China and 22 countries signed 14 free trade agreements. He expects the import and export of the machinery industry to shift from negative growth in 2015 to positive growth in 2016.

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